Alokchitracharjo M A Beg


Late Monjur Alam Beg (M.A. Beg) was born Nababganj in 1931. He first took training on photography in “Pakistan air force Technical center” in 1949. Also, in 1975 he also did workshops on microfilm conducted by UNESCO experts. In 1974, he completed his diploma in photography form “British Institute of incorporated photographers (IIP)” Institute of reprographic technology awarded him a professional distinction called “MIRT” in 1976. Also he participated in many International seminars on photographic held in India, Thailand, UK etc. He is the pioneer founder of “Bangladesh Photographic Society”. As a teacher he foundered Beg Art Institute of Photography as a teacher he worked with BUET.

He was awarded internationally many times. M. A. Beg was also in jury panel in Many National and International Photography competition. He was honored “Hon. FBPS” in 1983 the highest honor of Bangladesh photographic Society, “ESFIAP” in 1987- by International Federation of Photographic Art and “Hon. FPAD” in 1982; the highest honor of Photographic Association of Dumdum, India.

Except BPS he was also involved to found the first “photo club in Bangladesh” “Camera Recreation club” and district clubs like “Chittagong photographic Society” “Rajshahi Photographic Society”, “Dinajpur Photographic Society” etc.

In 1995 United States Information service (USIS) honored him as a “The CELEBRITY”. In 1997 he was also honored by “Photographic Charcha” in Kolkata book fair by eminent film Director Mrinal Sen by a Bangla monthly photography magazine.

In 1998, Bangladesh Photographic society Honored him as “Alokchitracharjo” (Maestro) in National press council. This photographic legend left us on 26th July, 1998.