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Dear Member,
BPS inviting to submit your works to this Contest:
organize by The Photo Artists Society of Korea(PASK)

The Biennial will be awarded as follows :Black and White World Cup for the best national federation.FIAP Gold medal for the federation which comes second.FIAP Silver medal for the federation which comes third.FIAP Bronze medal for the federation which comes fourth.Six honorable mentions for the federations which come 5The authors of the federation coming first receive an honorable mention One FIAP gold medal, two FIAP silver medals and three FIAP bronze medals + 5 Special Prizes from The Photo Artists Society of Korea will award works of exceptional quality, independently of the subjects chosen by the federations and independently of the federations’ classification. Each author can only receive one prize.

Each participating author will receive a catalogue (format 21x21cm).At least one work per participating country will be reproduced, as well as all prize-winning works.

01. Only BPS Life members and valid member (who have paid their renewal fees for 2016) can be submit to this Contest.
02. Subject: People
03. Only Black & White print submit
04. 12 X 18 inches Print
05. Maximum 2 copies can be submit
06. Last date of submit April 03, 2016.
07. Submit to BPS office.
08. Prejudge will be held at BPS
09. Maximum 10 prints will send to the contest.
10. Maximum One print per author


I am inviting all to participate
9th International Emirates photography competition 2015. please note that you must mention Club, federation or organisation name is: Bangladesh Photographic Society on the registration form.
for payment of entry fees please contact Yousuf Tushar, call: 01720311811
for more details
please visit

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for more details please read more

This photographic contest of BPS is open to all BPS valid members and BPS affiliated club members.
Deadline: July 31, 2015

Entry Fee:
Entry fee is BDT. 500 (five hundred)/us dollar: 20 fixed (Non-refundable).
Number of entries
Every photographer can submit maximum 10 (ten) color/monochrome single prints.
(Any photo story, photo series, panels,
Mounted work or sequence of photograph will not accepted)
Contest theme is open
1.Photographer must submit own original copy righted works that have been taken personally by photographer.
2.Post processed or synthesize works are also acceptable.
The size of print:
The size of printing photograph 12 X 18 inches.
Application procedure
1.Fill the entry form with English BLOCK CAPITAL LETTER.
2.Participant labeled the back-bottom side of each photograph with its serial number on entry form, its title/Caption, name, mobile number, e-mail address (use scotch tape to label, don`t use liquid or supper glue or this type material that is cause of damage of the printed photograph.
3.Only Print photograph can submit directly to bps office or send through post office service.
4.Participant can deposit entry fee through BPS office/Bank account of BPS
Participant can deposit entry fee to BPS office in-person or Mercantile Bank limited, Elephant Road branch, Account name: Bangladesh Photographic Society, Account Number#011812100039805
5.Photographer must clipped his/her Bank deposit original slip with the
Submission documents
6. Photographer will be informing his or her submission confirmation by e-mail/mobile sms.
7. Any photocopy/copies or downloaded entry form from BPS website are Acceptable

Special condition:
1. Photograph in previous time that have been own the photo contest, exhibited /published in BPS national photo contest are not eligible for this competition.
2.photograph that is harmful to public order or moral, related with political or anti social activities or negative sense and prohibited by law may not be submitted. not use any sign , cut mark, water mark, logo on the photograph otherwise it will be consider as rejected submission.
4.only award winning and selected photograph is exhibited and unselected photograph will be discard.
If photographer interested to return their work they can collect it own responsibility from BPS office by Showing received voucher in certain date.

5. BPS and juries are authority to take any decisions or change
The Rules and also preserve the right for final decisions.

1st prize: BDT. 20000 Crest & Certificate
2nd prize: BDT. 10000 Crest & Certificate
3rd prize: BDT. 5000 Crest & Certificate
5 Honorable mention: Crest & Certificate

Download Entry form


We Invite All BPS Valid Member to Submit their works for FIAP
Subject : People at Work
Last Date of Submission: June 05, 2015
for more information Please call: 01720311811

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Medals and Diplomas
– Gold, silver and bronze medal and three honorary rewards for each section; one diploma and badge for the best performing author in the photo salon by FIAP /International Federation of Photographic Art/
– Gold medal for each section by NSFA – Yanka Kyurkchieva

For Section M /monochrome photography/ – special prize of 250 Euro by “Ouzo Plomari”;
For Section C /color photography/ – special prize of 250 Euro by “Ouzo Plomari”;
For Section S /sports/ Subtheme Sw Wrestling “The world and We Saved the Olympic Wrestling”:
– first prize 800 Euro,
– second prize 500 Euro,
– third prize 200 Euro,
– special prize 500 Euros and an honorary medal from the WWW-Europe (European Council of National Wrestling Federation).

These prizes will be determined only for photographs in the sub theme!

In Section W / “Water – Source of Life” / – 250 Euro.





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National Geographic Traveler Photography Contest
The 27th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest opens April 7, 2015. Harness the power of photography and share your stunning travel experiences from around the globe. Gather your best travel photos and join the competition. Official categories include: Travel Portraits; Outdoor Scenes; Sense of Place; and Spontaneous Moments. Visit weekly to see photo galleries of the top entries.

Eligibility: Open to all photographers, worldwide.

Entry Fee: US$15 per entry


1ST PRIZE: An eight-day National Geographic Photo Expedition: Costa Rica and the Panama Canal with airfare for two
2ND PRIZE: A six-day National Geographic Photo Expedition: Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone for two
3RD PRIZE: A six-day cruise from Schooner American Eagle and Heritage for two
A $200 gift certificate to B&H Photo
National Geographic Masters of Photography course on DVD
Image requirements: Max. file size: 20 MB; width and height: 1600 pixels – 5000 pixels; jpg format. Only minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is cropping. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are NOT acceptable. Watermarks are not acceptable.

Copyright: All entrants grant an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive license to Authorized Parties, to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the entries (along with a name credit) in connection with the Contest and promotion of the Contest.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Deadline: 30 June 2015


‘BALKAN DREAM Grand Exibition 2015”

A selection of photographs is not tied to a geographical area
international digital photo exhibition

Total of 135 awards + $1000 + $300 + $200




Closing days: 21.april 2015.

There are 5 digital sections:
a) PHOTO JOURNALISM (color/monochrome digital) PSA PJD
b) PHOTO TRAVEL (color/monochrome digital) PSA PTD
c) OPEN – Color (color digital) PSA PID
d) OPEN – Monochrome (monochrome digital) PSA PID
e) NATURE (color/monochrome digital) PSA ND



Best regards,
Your PCA Exhibitions team


  • AVANT-GARDE International Digital Salon 2015
[ Recognized by : PSA, FIAP & FIP ]

Kindly note that our PAYPAL account is

and there will be a discount in group entry of 20% for minimum 5 persons taking part and 25% for minimum 10 persons taking part.

Best chance to pick your dream medal…Low number of entrants…Low entry fees

*** for group entry one address must be communicated for posting of medals & catalogues ***

Total 70+ Awards with 60 beautifully crafted, high quality medals.
Sections : A) Monochrome Open B) Color Open
C) Nature D) Photo Travel




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